Who is She?

I used to think I lived this horrifyingly comical life; even as a child I remember wondering often if maybe I was trapped in a movie, like there were people watching and creating my life that I didn’t know existed and one day I was going to wake up to it being one big joke. There’s a movie about that, isn’t there?

The problem is, it isn’t a joke. It’s my actual life. A few months ago I was venting to a good friend of mine, over coffee, about my endured chaos – we actually took bets on what would be the deciding factor; What is it going to be, that actually pushes me over the edge? What straw is going break THIS camel’s back, if you will.

If I tried to give you the details of the past ten years, and why this bet and conversation was important for my shift in mindset, we’d be here for 10 more; so here’s the short and sweet: In the past decade, I’ve had bells palsy, Suffered and recovered from a major eating disorder, lost my grandfather, father and my grandmother, got pregnant with and married to a man I’d “known” for three months, moved from my home in the desert to the sweeping plains, attended and dropped out of cosmetology school (cue beauty school dropout), finished my bachelors degree, bore two more children, and separated and nearly divorced twice.

I say all that, not for a pity party, but to assure you, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. My life has transformed into absolute beautiful chaos. I wouldn’t trade any of this journey with anyone. I have three beautiful, smart little girls, a degree I’m passionate about, a beautiful home, an incredible tribe of human beings surrounding me, a rockstar husband, and a job I love.

Welcome to my life; I hope you stay.